Mamoiada. A Sardinian village in the heart of the Barbagia.


The family-run winery has been founded by Giuseppe and Grazia and today it is managed by their three children and their families (daughter Antonietta with her husband Emilio, son Francesco with his wife Rosa, son Salvatore with his wife Mariella and a total number of 13 grandchildren). It came into being 35 years ago when the first hectare of vineyard was acquired.

For years we have produced only bulk wine, which we sold in the villages close to Mamoiada. Then in 2000, when we children took over the winery, we hit on the idea of bottling and labeling our Cannonau. With this step we wanted to find out if the same aromas and the same flavours with which we grew up and which have always been important elements of our lives would also be appreciated by a demanding wine market. It was worth the experiment. During the following 10 years we could double our wine production and build new cellars.
Today we are members of the administration council of the Consorzio di Tutela del DOC Cannonau di Sardegna (a Sardinian cooperative which has set as its goal the protection of the brand DOC Cannonau) and we are starting up several activities in the wine tourism sector. We also take part in the project La Strada del vino Cannonau (The Cannonau wine route) which is starting its activities right now.


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