Mamoiada. A Sardinian village in the heart of the Barbagia.

The Cannonau

The Cannonau is the most cultivated grape in the province of Nuoro. About 43% of Sardinia’s total Cannonau cultivation area, which covers 7500 hectares, are located here. At Mamoiada, a small village in the Barbagia, circa 270 ha of vineyards are cultivated with Cannonau grapes. The territory of Mamoiada is situated at an average altitude of 700 metres above sea level. The soils, composed of decayed granite, are acidic and rich in potassium. It's rainy and cold during the winter months, with some rainy days in springtime and dry in summer. In September and October there are considerable temperature differences between night and day. Due to the climate and the soil characteristics, the territory of Mamoiada results one of the most suited for the cultivation of Cannonau in the Barbagia. A pure Cannonau made from grapes grown in the Barbagia area, at altitudes between 550 and 800 metres above sea level, is distinguished by an optimal balance between the polyphenolic components, acidity and alcohol. And it's due to this balance that the wine displays a great elegance. Getting its unique flavours thanks to spontaneous fermentations during vinification, Cannonau from this area is an unique and perfectly recognizable wine.

It’s suitable for a long storing and can certainly be classified among the top wines of the Italian wine tradition. From a gastronomic point of view it goes perfectly with the traditional dishes of our territory: handmade pasta filled with ricotta and herbs, dishes based on sheep meat, vegetables soups, stewed potatoes with legumes and wild herbs, roasted suckling pork, pecorino cheese and the typical cold meats. In our village talking about grapevines and wine means talking about the Cannonau - the colour of its leafs, the form and the taste of its grapes, the form of the low growing vines (alberello) and the perfume of its must. We are deeply connected to our Cannonau, to its aroma and its flavour, which represent important and indispensable elements of our daily lives and culture.

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